Mathematical Miscellany #59


Today is not only Halloween, it is Magic Day!

MathsPad Number Tricks

My post on Proof includes Magic or Number tricks which can be an ideal way into algebraic proof, try MathsPad – Number Tricks, one of the very generous collection of free resources on MathsPad (search on free), or be dramatic with Number Jumbler from Nrich! I have used this successfully with students from Year 7 to Year 12. Also try the suggested task, Double-Digit.

For a collection of mathemagical activities, try Transum Mathematics.

Transum Perfect Magic Square

You can find many activities on Transum, including Perfect Magic Square, which has 9 such puzzles, by the time we get to Puzzle 9 only two clues are given.

Wayne Chadburn – A little bit of maths each day

Tomorrow sees the start of November, so a good time to remind readers of Wayne Chadburn’s monthly calendars. He writes these calendars to provide regular, varied practice – a little bit of maths each day. In this academic year, he is producing calendars for year 11 students each month from September to April; the calendars for November 2021 are available. Note the three versions including crossover questions, Foundation, Foundation plus and Higher.

For November we have Barvember, from White Rose Maths, which was created to encourage the use of the bar model. Bar models can really help children visualise and then solve maths problems. See Bar Modelling.

Barvember – White Rose Maths

Nathan Day – factor Tree Puzzles

Back in July, Nathan Day published his very valuable CIMT Complete PDF. His website: Interwoven Maths Maths has all the brilliant tasks, displays, resources, and thoughts he has shared on Twitter over the past few years – a new treasure trove to explore! Try Factor Trees, for example, a set of (rather tricky) factor tree completion problems, that’s another lovely resource added to this Fill in the blanks collection.

For some quadratic questions to really get your students thinking, try these non-routine questions from @boss-maths. Follow the thread to the end for the answers!

Recovery Resources

Matt Woodfine continues to add to his brilliant site, a new addition is Level Up. a programme that targets basic numeracy.

From MEI, for KS3 have a look at these free GeoGebra interactive online classroom activities to support maths recovery at Key Stage 3. You can try the first three of five Algebra resources. Each lesson not only has a GeoGebra activity for use in the lesson, but also one for student independent learning. Full lesson plans and comprehensive notes for teachers are provided.

The collection will be expanded over the coming months to include similar sets of lessons for Number, Geometry and Measure, Ratio, and Statistics and Probability.

On the subject of GeoGebra, for the other end of the school, you will find on the Maths Emporium, a GeoGebra guide for A level Further Maths available to download or it is available with no login needed from the Edexcel website here. These activities have been produced to support teaching or could be used by students for independent study.

I have included many GeoGebra Resources on the GeoGebra series of pages. An extensive library of GeoGebra resources is available from Edexcel for GCSE (with many of these helpful for younger students also) and A Level.

Edexcel GeoGebra Resources

Edexcel GCSE GeoGebra Resources

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