Perton Maths Department is so good at providing us with problems for various events, check @PertonMaths for daily half-term challenges.

For more Halloween problems try the windows on Transum Mathematics Halloween.

Transum – Halloween starters

A selection of Mathematical Halloween themed resources:

Perton Pumpkin 1
I do appreciate the dynamic Perton Maths Department, I have mentioned their various puzzle collections before – they are busy again, this time with Halloween puzzles!

Halloween Relay
Halloween relay – Chris Smith

From Chris Smith, try his great Halloween relay and note the whole set. I have used many of these very successfully – have fun whilst doing plenty of Maths!

From OCR Maths who are rather good at providing us with puzzles, try their fiendish number grid puzzle. OCR Maths regularly publish excellent puzzles many of which I have successfully used in class.

OCR Maths Puzzles
OCR Maths Puzzles

Nrich Halloween

From Nrich, thinking about systematic listing strategies with younger students, check this Halloween Investigation, just how many possible Halloween costumes are there?

Or a good starter for Thursday perhaps, try Halloween Day on Nrich, a problem taken from the UKMT Maths Challenges.

I like the way Nrich suggest related problems and strayed into Helen’s Conjecture here, one of many Nrich problems on Factors and Multiples similar to Helen’s Conjecture.

ghost curve

And to finish, a ghost from WolframAlpha!

Checking popular curve examples on WolframAlha, a discovery – I had not realised that it was possible to, for example, create a randomly colored ghost curveRefresh the page for different color ghosts!