Mathematical Miscellany #58


Following last week’s post on Mathematics for Psychology, note also these Desmos activities for Biology by Sarah Denison from AMSP/ASE Biology. My Mathematics for Science page has been updated with these Biology Resources.

Desmos Activities – Surface area to volume ratio, Sarah Desnison

As with the Psychology resources the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme [AMSP] are supporting Biology teachers of Psychology in their teaching of the maths and statistics requirements of the psychology specifications and provide free CPD and resources. Maths for Teachers of A Level Biology is an event starting on 30th November. The course is free to attend, priority is given to teachers from state-funded schools and colleges in England and trainee biology teachers. Full eligibility details as well as a detailed study schedule can be found on the AMSP site.

Seeing Jonathan Hall’s latest Mathsbot resource, Place Value and counting to 100, reminded me of a task that has been on my list for some time – an update to a resource list for Primary Mathematics, which now has its own page on the top level menu. This is still work in progress; more resources will be added in the coming weeks.

In case you missed this post – Compare & Discuss/Multiple Strategies

A new feature on Desmos – lists.

Seeing OCR’s latest puzzle, it struck me how ideal Autograph is for exploring this as plotting points and joining them with line segments is very straightforward. See the Autograph pages for more on Autograph.

On UK Exams and Assessments 2022, you can find updates from the exam boards including the formula sheets for GCSE Maths. For example, from AQA

Formula Sheets

Formula Sheets: Students will be given a formulae sheet in GCSE Maths and a revised equations sheet in GCSE Physics and GCSE Combined Science covering all the equations required in the subject content.
We will make these sheets available to schools for use in teaching and so students can familiarise themselves with them. They will also be provided in the exams. AQA

AQA have stated that everything in sections 1 and 2 of the appendix on pages 43-44 of the specification will be provided for the examination in 2022; anything required from section 3 will be given in the question as normal. You can view sections 1, 2 and 3 here.


For GCSE Maths, the exam support will be a separate formula sheet which gives students the formulae they may need to refer to in their assessment, appropriate to their tier of entry. This will be available as an additional insert on the day of the examination. The formulae sheet will shortly be accessible via the website and learners should then familiarise themselves with the formulae sheet ahead of the summer 2022 examinations. Edexcel

OCR Update on the formulae sheet for GCSE (9-1) Maths assessments in 2022.

What impact will Ofqual’s chosen grading system in 2022 have

fft education datalab – 30 September 2021:
What impact will Ofqual’s chosen grading system in 2022 have?