Mathematical Miscellany #54

Mathematical Alphabet – Sarah Carter

If you are looking for posters, there are so many excellent free resources for Maths from puzzles to information, careers and many more.

This post, Posters has been updated and all links checked. Check two of the new additions to the post – a brilliant Mathematical alphabet from Sarah Carter on

Casio font for ClassWiz series

Or if you want any calculator symbols – try Casio’s collection of fonts.

Diving Deeper – Curriculum for Wales

Superb resources from Curriculum for Wales:
Diving Deeper with chapters on place value, negative numbers and fractions. The Learner Guide includes many activities, it’s great to see bases other than 10 as well! Scroll down the page for English versions, there are several resources available including answers, a teacher’s guide and additional tasks.

Calculation Guide-pdf or note the Word version also.

Dr Frost Maths – KS3 White Rose Maths

The KS3 (UK ages 11-14) page has had various updates recently including several new sources of resources. From Dr Frost Maths choose KS2/3/4 from the resources view or select the White Rose Maths course. For further resources linked to the White Rose Schemes of Learning, check this very useful feature on Transum Mathematics, where you can find resources linked to the White Rose Schemes of Learning as well as to areas of the National Curriculum. The page includes many valuable transition resources.

Transum Mathematics

From AMSP for students at the other end of the school, check their very helpful new topic plans for AS/A Level. With common content for all boards these are useful whichever board you are teaching. Have a look at this example on Integration:

AMSP Topic Plans AS A Level Year 1 (AS) Pure

The Mathigon page has been updated, note Mathigon’s professional development section that includes details of upcoming free events which are held regularly and recordings of all the past event recordings.

Follow Mathigon for latest news.

News on Mathigon seems to come thick and fast! Their Mobile Apps have recently been updated and on Monday, 8/9 August check the Charts, Statistics and other Data Science tools coming to Mathigon.

Two new additions for this Core Maths page: from the University of Plymouth, CIMT check Core Maths Subject Support which includes notes, examples and exercises.

From @KerryDunton and published on Dave Gale‘s blog, reflectivemath’s blog check this Core Maths Further Reading List.

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