Revised and updated in the Lesson Planning Series of pages (and watch this space for more on that series) is the Starters page.

Starting with ‘Bell Work‘ for a calm and prompt lesson start, starters are suggested from Year 7 to Advanced Level.

The Starters page includes an index with the following categories

  • Collections
  • Retrieval Practice
  • Challenges
  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Advanced Level Starters

The Starters – Posts page includes resources that can work well at the beginning or end of a lesson.
An appropriate puzzle or game can provide a good starter activity.

Starters – Posts page

From Year 7 …

NCTM Illuminations Pan Balance – Shapes

…to Advanced Level

Transum Mathematics

…and everything in between


Andy Lutwyche – Clumsy Clive series

Retrieval Practice

Maths White Board – Last White Board


Starters – Number

Number Operations – from the Number Starter section


Advanced Level Starters

crashMaths Skills Check
CRASHMaths AS Maths Key Skills Checks