Mathematical Miscellany #56


On Corbett Maths as well as the brilliant 5-a-day resources the videos and worksheets are also excellent. Do check the ‘More’ menu also, where you will find additional resources including a very comprehensive set of videos and worksheets for level 2 Further Maths.

Corbettmaths – Algebraic Proof, level 2 Further-Maths.

On the subject of proof, I will be publishing a very comprehensive post on teaching and learning proof next week.

I featured Corbett Maths earlier this year when he celebrated 200 million website views. Corbett Maths is such a go-to site – I use this a great deal and recommend it regularly to students. John Corbett has been busy – note his massive improvements to the brilliant 5-a-days.

Stoke Maths

Thanks to @MathsWithMsB I came across Stoke Maths MEP Starters.

These are very attractively presented high-quality resources. Looking at the Spot the Mistake PowerPoints for example, as you can see in the image below there are a great collection of questions that include full answers. It’s great to see Mechanics and Statistics collections.

The revision question starters provide very useful question sets.

I have added this to my Starters collection under Advanced Starters.

Stoke Maths – Spot the Mistake

Also from Ben Bently, a collection of low stakes quizzes using questions from Diagnostic questions.

Census at School – Ireland

Hunting for a resource I once used from Census at School (the UK site is no longer available), I found it on Census at School – Ireland. Cleaning Up Your Data. Many Statistics resources are available on the site – note the drop-down menu for the resources collection.

I found it again – on STEM Learning which happily has a whole collection of the Census At School resources.

From AQA Maths, check their excellent GCSE Maths Focus on success modular Teacher Training packs. Looking at the pack on Ratio for example you will find activities and discussion prompts on switching representations, combining ratios, problem-solving with ratio and dividing quantities in a given ratio.

AQA Teacher Training pack – Ratio