To start, we can look at some really useful GeoGebra resources to demonstrate Transformations. Looking at this page on Edexcel GeoGebra resources in the Use of Technology series, we can check the GCSE collection. The Transformations and constructions section includes transformations which covers all four transformation types and enlargement centre and scale factor. Many other GeoGebra resources are available on Transformations, Reflection in the line y=x, illustrated below allows students to experiment by moving the points, the resource also includes questions. See also Reflections of an object, Transformations – Rotation, Enlargement and Translations. From Tim Brzezinski see his GeoGebra book, Transformations! Geometry.

We could learn about Transformations with Desmos, we could also use Autograph. I am very much looking forward to all-device web version of Autograph. I find Autograph very intuitive for illustrating transformations. It is very simple to enter a shape and transform it. The shape can be a user defined so it is very easy to set up illustrations. It is also very simple to add labels. With Autograph when you select objects then right click you get a menu of appropriate choices, selecting an object and equation offers the option to reflect.

I have written on Transum many times, with its very clear Topic Index for Teachers also, for students a Maths Map with numerous activities to support their learning the site is very easy to navigate. The resources are very clear and attractively presented, they display well for demonstration in class as well as being very good for self-study for students.

Transum has activities for Transformations. I have found this activity which allows students to draw transformations online and have them checked particularly useful.

Transformations – Transum

Level 1 covers reflections, including reflecting in the lines y=x and y=-x, level 2, Translations, Level 3, rotations about the origin, and Level 4 Enlargement. For students studying Matrices and Transformations, Level 5 illustrates examples. Level 6 has some questions, we could easily illustrate the answers with Autograph.

There are of course many more resources available for Transformations, a selection…

blutick – Geometry, Translations

What for me looks like a very happy new discovery, Blutik. This includes resources on Transformations (Section 8). As well as clearly explained videos, a worked example is displayed for each level and there are interactive questions to try, can you drag the shape to the correct place? Step by step help is given. The interactive questions appear at the bottom of the screen. If you check your diagram at any stage you will be told the number of points you have correct.

I will return to Blutik again. We see from the pricing information that the extensive library of interactive questions, easy-to-follow teacher videos, and AI teachers guiding students as they enter each line of working will always be free. See the Frequently Asked Questions also the Getting Started Guides.

London Grid for Learning is increasing their use of the Blutick system as you can hear about in this video. The video is of interest to a wider audience also as it describes the resources.

Don Steward’s resources include Duncan Keith’s lovely Excel Transformation Golf.

Clumsy Clive – Transformations, Andy Lutwyche

Andy Lutwuche TES resources on Transformations including Clumsy Clive, can you find the mistakes in Clive’s homework? Transformation Codebreakers, Andy’s SSDD Questions, Building Blocks – Transformations.

Pete Temperton – TES Resources

My favourite way of teaching Enlargement is to use Vectors, this technique is clearly illustrated in this free TES resource which has questions as well as a very clear PowerPoint.

Also on TES – Find Them All.

Colin Foster’s Geometry Etudes include resources on Enlargement and Rotations.

Corbett Maths includes videos and worksheets on Enlargements, Reflections, Rotations and Translations.

From Nrich Decoding Transformations, Transformations – Short Problems, Growing Rectangles, Robotic Rotations, Surprising Transformations.

Open Middle Transformations Problems.

Quizzes from Diagnostic Questions, we could use Transformations quizzes from White Rose or the Exam Boards

Dr Frost this example is from his Year 7 scheme of work. Search DrFrostMaths for many more, including several videos.

Maths Genie

Mixed Transformations
Rotations Solutions
Reflections Solutions
Enlargements Solutions
Translations Solutions
Mixed Transformations Solutions
Maths Genie GCSE Resources

Teachitmaths Transformations resources includes many practice questions in this KS4 resource with 5 worksheets and an answer sheet.

SSDD Triangle Transformations

Maths4Everyone Transformations Workbook

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