Mathematical Miscellany #48

From the BBC see this article on Learning at Home, including their latest schedules for Primary and Secondary Lockdown Learning.

On television programmes for primary pupils are on CBBC between 09:00 and 12:00 each weekday and for secondary school pupils on BBC Two, between 13:00 and 15:00.

Additionally programmes are available to catch-up, on-demand on iPlayer.

This coming week, commencing 18th January features Mathematics strongly, with three of the 13:00 slots including Maths and every afternoon at 14:00 we have Dr Hannah Fry.

BBC Lockdown Learning

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Chris McGrane – Starting Points Maths

Chris McGrane’s Starting Points Maths is highly recommended, note this announcement regarding these wonderful curriculum booklets. Several are already available, including the first Algebra booklet which looks excellent.

Looking at the Algebra booklet Order of Operations exercises it struck me that Graspable Math would work well for checking such exercises.

I have mentioned Tim Brzezinski’s brilliant GeoGebra book of Open Middle themed problems before, this collection continues to grow. Many problems in the GeoGebra book are exact digital analogues of those found on Open Middle’s site, with other problems characteristic of the Open Middle theme. This collection is included in the GeoGebra series of pages under Investigations and Problems.

I always keep an eye on Tim’s collection of GeoGebra resources and particularly like his recent Angle Sketching by Estimation and also this Open Middle Definite Integral Problem.

Tim Brzezinski – Angle Sketching by Estimation
Tim Brzezinski – Definite Integral Problem

I then found his recent extension, Open Middle: Definite Integral Problem (2) which should certainly keep everybody busy!

There is much to think about here, to investigate this what should we keep the same, what should we vary? I started playing around with Desmos to investigate further.

Open Middle Definite Integration Problem

A recent happy discovery, thanks to Jane Hart’s Top Tools for Learning 2020 is featured on the Ed100 list, the digital tools voted for by educators and students in colleges and universities, ilovepdf. ilovepdf is a free PDF convertor and editor, many tools are all in one place. I have not tried many of the tools yet but certainly have successfully and easily used the Merge and Compress functions several times and have been very impressed.

I note from the analysis that the tools predominately reflect the situation in higher and adult education, only a small proportion of votes came from schools. The lists certainly seem to reflect the unprecedented times we are currently living in.

David Millward – PowerPoints

Seeing PowerPoint right up there on the list, I have noted from my blog statistics that still popular downloads, years after I uploaded them are David Millward’s PowerPoint collection. In fact I can see from the comments that it was 2012 when I uploaded these!

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