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Mike Hadden – Excel Files

On the new Updates page, you will find featured posts as well as any which have been updated. A featured post currently is Excel Resources – Mike Hadden. There are some excellent demonstrations here for GCSE and A Level Maths and Further Maths.

If we look at the A/AS Statistics files we see BinHyp.xls, the notes clearly describe this resource.

Mike Hadden – A/AS Statistics Files

We can illustrate this with a question from Edexcel’s sample Statistics paper (Paper 2 question 5):

Edexcel Sample AS Statistics Paper
Mike Hadden – A/AS Statistics Files

The resources include several illustrations for the Further Mathematicians also, including resources on Complex Numbers and Matrices.

Mike Hadden – A/AS Pure Files

Also on the Updates page I have featured Maths at Home which is being regularly updated and checked. I have included Jack Brown’s extensive library of videos which is available on his website, TLMaths.com; these are excellent for independent study. Also added to this post is Oxford University’s Oxford Online Maths Club; the session from Thursday’s livestream is available on their YouTube channel.

Also on Updates, you can see a new page, Investigations and Problems for the GeoGebra series and John Tranter’s lovely  Algebragons and Fractionagons on Transum Mathematics; both have been added to this post on Arithmagons which has a large collection of resources on Arithmagons, including a lesson plan from Colin Foster.

Transum Mathematics – Algebragons

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