Maths at school … and at home

Both White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize provided Daily Lessons for students studying at home earlier this year and both are continuing to support students studying at home as well as in school.

If we look at Home Learning from White Rose Maths we see that they are continuing to produce excellent daily ‘home learning’ lessons for Years 1 to 9 (UK ages 6 to 14). Each lesson has a very clear video to help students complete the activity.

White Rose Maths – Daily Lessons

I had a close look at a White Rose lesson on Perimeter in this post; note that you can still see the Summer Term Archive so can access earlier lessons. This particular lesson came from Year 7, Week 5 (scroll down for earlier weeks).

Remember that Nicola Whiston has a superb collection of Knowledge Organisers which follow the White Rose Schemes of Learning, she is sharing the collection here, via Dropbox. My post on Knowledge Organisers has proved very popular, note the new Featured Posts menu on the right to make this easier to find.

From BBC Bitesize, new for this Autumn term are the collections of hand-picked videos, articles, games and quizzes for primary and secondary students, also available are new Primary Catch-Up Lessons. If we look at ‘This Term’s Topics‘ we can then choose a Year and then a subject. Choosing Year 7 Maths for example leads to this collection which includes many of the daily lessons as well as other resources. Note that new topics and lessons are being added to these resources. For an example of a Daily lesson, check this on Perimeter mentioned in the post mentioned earlier on the White Rose and BBC resources. Note the additional resources including a comprehensive worksheet from Pearson for which answers are provided.

BBC Daily Lesson – Perimeter

More valuable resources can be found on the new NCETM website. Check the section for the new school year which provides a range of lesson-planning and professional development resources for primary and secondary teachers. Further resources will be added during the term. The resources here for example concentrate on key mathematical ideas important for pupils whose summer term in Year 6 was disrupted by the lockdown.

amsp transition materials – Sketching

On the subject of Transition, at the other end of secondary education, a reminder of the excellent resources from amsp designed for students to make the transition from GCSE to AS and A level Mathematics. Six sets of resources are available, each set includes either written worked solutions, video solutions or links to websites.