A complete update to the Videos page, which is easily available from the top Menu.

All links have been checked and many new entries have been added.

For example, an important addition is Dr Frost’s Key Skills and Exam-Topic videos.

Mr Moreley Maths offers a comprehensive library of tutorial videos on GCSE Mathematics. A nice feature of this site is the accompanying Notes Jotter/Worksheet to make notes as you watch the video.

Mr Morley Maths

Another new entry and a site I certainly want to explore further comes from Mr Southern – Teaching and Learning resources for A Level. This site includes lesson plans, resources and videos.

Pulleys lesson plan example

The Videos page includes many collections for GCSE and A Level Maths and Further Maths.

A reminder for example of the excellent amsp videos.

amsp videos

From amsp this brilliant collection of short videos produced by the legacy Further Mathematics Support Program supports the Further Maths Specification. I have used many of these successfully in class and recommended them to students to support their studies. Look at any of the examination boards to see the coverage for the course.

Also added are the free lessons from Colin Hegarty recorded on YouTube to help GCSE students prepare for A Level Maths.