Graspable Math

The User Guide.

Recently published – a really clear user guide for Graspable Math.

I was delighted to see the announcement of the new user guide recently.

This can be downloaded from the Learn section of Graspable Math where you will see the Canvas User Guide. Together with the tutorial videos and Gesture Library resources there are excellent resources for learning Graspable Math.

All instructions are very clear in this 47 page document – everything you ever wanted to know how to do! Check the list of contents:

User Guide – Contents

I checked how to insert a video and it struck me that you can insert a video on a canvas, watch it and try out the feature on the canvas. Try solving an equation on this canvas.

As a teacher, remember you can create a free Teacher account. Check out the Activity Bank with some great activities which will help you and your students learn Graspable Math.

I wrote recently about Graspable Math in this post which has proved very popular – where you will find more examples, including a couple of problems from Don Steward.

Remember that the Learn Section has Tutorial Videos, a Common Gestures Overview, and an Interactive Gesture library where you can watch then try gestures as well as the user guide. Look at this video on Scrubbing Numbers – a lovely feature enabling you to generate many examples.