Mathematical Miscellany #42

Mr Chadburn Summer Boost Calendars

Summer GCSE Calendars – Mr Chadburn

Keeping Year 10 going over the summer…from Mr Chadburn who has produced calendars for July and August which can be given to Year 10 students for daily practice of key mathematical skills over the summer break.

For A complete set of A Level Statistics and Mechanics Knowledge Organisers – see these resources from Lucyjc.  These resources are available free on TES Resources: Statistics and Mechanics. All include Key Words and Definitions and What Do I Need to Know sections.
Knowledge Organisers - Lucy
And for Pure Mathematics, we have from @misschakera a set for the first year of A Level.
Pure KO

I have added all these very attractively presented resources to this post on Knowledge Organisers which includes links to resources and very importantly the use of knowledge organisers.

OCR Support Highlights

OCR Planning – Support highlights

Staying with A Level, from OCR – see the new resources for A Level to help planning for 20-21 Schemes of Work. New resources are available: new Curriculum Planners, Support Highlights & Resource Plus Mapping resources. Look under ‘Planning’ for: and .

Dan Pearcy

Dan Pearcy

From Seneca’s Virtual Conference, I learned of a new site to most definitely keep an eye from Dan Pearcy.

New content will be added and I am very much looking forward to exploring this site. There is already much food for thought here.





Note the very useful summary of Seneca’s free Distance Learning & Home Study Program in Flavia Belham’s blog post.

And finally…
An excellent read from Blake Harvard, Desiring Difficulties asking how do we get students to desire the difficulties produced by more effective learning strategies? Note the poster available at the end of the post. Try demonstrating what works to the students – let them see the effectiveness of the strategies discussed.

Talking to students about effective learning strategies I have always found the resources from the The Learning Scientists so useful.

For valuable resources to support the techniques described here see the excellent downloadable materials on study strategies. Note how each strategy is backed up by research.