Mathematical Miscellany #43

Primary booklets

White Rose Maths – Primary Booklets

From White Rose Maths, a range of colourful and very attractively presented booklets is available free on Amazon. The booklets can be found on Amazon for the Kindle or downloaded as pdf files from the White Rose Maths Parent Workbooks page. There is one booklet for each of the White Rose Maths blocks for Year 1 to Year 6. The booklets could be used alongside the Primary Assessments.

Primary Assessments

White Rose Maths – Primary Assessments

Maths Overview 1-6Staying with primary resources, Miss A has shared her (free) Maths overview 1-6 on TES Resources. This curriculum overview for years 1-6 includes the main parts of the National Curriculum, White Rose guidance links and a link to the NCETM maths mastery assessment document.

Miss A has also created overviews for English and Science.

So, to the other end of the school, for Year 13 Further Mathematics, an update to my post on Further Calculus (for Further Mathematics). We can use WolframAlpha or Desmos for Improper Integrals.

Improper Integrals University of Pennsylvania

The image shows this resource on Improper Integrals from the University of Pennsylvania, a clear presentation with worked examples.

Such integrals could be shown using WolframAlpha or Desmos. In Desmos, simply type b=infinity for the upper limit. For more on Integration with Desmos, see Learn Desmos: Integrals.
Improper Integral

Improper Integral

Desmos – Integration

Knowledge Organisers is a very popular post, I see Nicola Whiston has been very busy with her Year 10 collection.
Nicola Whiston KO

There has been a great deal of interest in my post on HELM notes, note that in Section 48 we have Engineering Case Studies, which provides a compendium of Engineering Case Studies illustrating many applications of Mathematics. I like the way each case study starts by stating the Mathematical Skills involved.

HELM Case Studies

HELM Notes (48)

The example above seems like a good excuse to show some holiday pictures! (Photograph by David Young).
cosh x Desmos image