Have you seen…?#5

From MEI, the latest in the Sumaze series, this time a fun educational puzzle game aimed at 4-7-year-olds. This has been added to my Apps page which includes some personal favourites. Visit sumaze.co.uk for more information and links to all the apps in the series.

Dr Frost Full Coverage A level

Dr Frost – full coverage revision worksheets

From Dr Frost, additional really useful A Level Full Coverage Revision Worksheets.
Adding to his GCSE and IGCSE collections, Dr Frost now has an A Level series intended to “provide a single example of each of the variants of a type of question within a particular topic, rather than to provide multiple questions of exactly the same type to practise a single concept; the emphasis is broad coverage, collated from a huge database of past paper exam questions.”

#Have you seen…? is one of a series of short posts, simply to quickly provide links to interesting information and/or resources; a subset of the Mathematical Miscellany series.