Mathematical Miscellany #27

From Access Maths, a brilliant selection of 90 Algebra Questions, Progressive Overload-Algebra is ideal for revision.

Have a look at all the other Access Maths revision resources too.

TES Resources
From one of my favourite resource authors, try Building Blocks from Andy Lutwyche.

Building Blocks for Bearings

A great idea, Andy!

A Level Practice Papers

CrashMaths gold

CrashMaths Edexcel Practice AS paper – gold

A recent addition from CrashMaths, Gold Edexcel AS Practice papers.

ATM Open Resources
For, activities, videos and more, have a look at ATM’s Open Resources. ATM provides many free resources on their website for teachers to download or use online in the classroom. There are many free resources available, note the menu on the right, these are excellent in their own right and also provide an excellent way of seeing what ATM has to offer. I do like GeoBoard tasks, try for example Board Task 3B.

If you like GeoBoards, see GeoBoard Activities, where I have given information on free online GeoBoards and resources.

Try ATM’s Puzzle Page, where you will find many examples of their puzzles, or get some free posters for your walls.

On the subject of Geometry, have a look at Don Stewards great slides from his recent London ATM/MA session.

I’m looking forward to attending the next session, Jonny Griffiths on Further Maths RISPS,

A Level (16+) Examination Materials
A very popular page is the Edexcel page in the A Level reform series; this has been updated and checked.

Edexcel new teaching materials

Edexcel frequently publishes new material, keep an eye on new publications by changing the Sort By filter to ‘Latest’. Check Teaching and Learning materials.
also Exam Materials and Specification and Sample Assessments.

Edexcel Model Answers for Sample Assessment materials

Edexcel Model Answers – Core Pure Further Mathematics

Looking at the latest Teaching and Learning materials we see for example recent February and March publications including very welcome Model answers for Further Mathematics Sample assessment materials. The content of Core Pure for Further Mathematics is common to all the examination boards, so a very useful document for any Further Mathematics teacher.

The latest Exam Materials include, for teachers, A Level Mathematics Mock papers and with common content for all examination boards, a very useful source of questions. (The same is true of course for AQA and OCRA and OCRB).

GeoGebra Scientific Calculator App
See the Calculators page for further information on Casio and Texas Instruments calculators.

Geogebra Scientific Calculator

GeoGebra has announced the release of their new free GeoGebra Scientific Calculator apps for tablets and phones.

The online calculator is here and you can get apps for iPhone & iPad: Scientific Calculator in App Store and Android: Scientific Calculator in Play Store.

There are several Scientific Calculator tutorials available.