Radio 4 – Puzzle for Today

Driving to work in the mornings I often catch Radio 4’s puzzle for the day.
Answers to puzzles for today are provided for a limited time.

On Thursday 17th May we had one of my favourites that I have used successfully many times – Happy Numbers. Happy Numbers is accessible for a range of abilities and offers a great lesson in the value of recording results carefully so you can use previous results and save yourself work!
28 is happy
My page on Happy Numbers includes links to further resources including a Happy Number Checker on Scratch by Eulguass. Select the green flag to use the program.
Happy 19
Nrich has provided some of the puzzles, as you can see from the blog post here, Nrich has adapted selected problems to appeal to the widest possible audience. Nrich state that their ‘Puzzle for Today’ activities include edited extracts from some of the thousands of rich low-threshold high-ceiling NRICH problems, as well as adaptations of some of NRICH’s extensive collection of short problems published in collaboration with the UKMT.

Here’s another from Nrich, Puzzle 176, March 2018 can you find the number?
I see the Nrich version, one of the UKMT problems here, ‘Many Clues, One Answer‘.

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