Have you seen…? #1

A new style short post, simply for some quick updates…

Have you seen…?

Minimally Different Problems from Jess, (@FortyNineCubed on Twitter)

Quadratic Minimally Different Problems

Using the Quadratic Formula – Minimally Different Problems

Note the menu on the right-hand side to help you find exercises.
As Jess says, text exercises can become too varied too quickly, so perhaps try some minimally different problems to explore what happens with these small changes.

MEI M4 Archive

MEI M4 Magazine Archive

MEI has been busy, their M4 Magazine is a source of excellent resources as well as articles to read. Now you can search the archive for GCSE problems categorised by topic.

I enjoyed many excellent sessions at the recent BCME9 conference; I particularly enjoyed the Nrich session. Nrich has so many accessible problems, it’s not just all about high ability students; try these problems on Factors, Multiples and Primes for example.

For the new specification – A Level proof, I’ll certainly be using this Interactive Proof Sorter example which works on my phone as well as on my laptop.

Nrich - Proof

Nrich – IFF – Interactive Proof Sorter

From the brilliant Maths Emporium, some very useful GCSE examination advice for your students. This particular guide to life made me laugh!

Edexcel Guide to life

Edexcel Maths Emporium Guide to Life – GCSE Maths

Very entertaining – and very true!