Technology – A Level by Content

Very much a work in progress, but I have created an Excel version of the A Level Mathematics (age 16-18) subject content. This means it is easy to add notes and/or links to resources.

I have made a start by adding some links to ClassWhizz Calculator instructions and videos. Links have also been given to other resources.

I will be adding to this in the coming weeks and also over the next year, teaching the A Level content of the new specifications for the first time. More technology resources will be added by topic. Scroll down this page, Maths & Further Maths Technology by Content passed the first image.

CY Excel Subject Content

AQA on A Level Assessment

AQA’s ‘A Level Maths The thinking behind great assessment (no login required for download) provides much food for thought whichever exam board you are using. See page 17 for example on what AQA expect students to be able to do with a calculator. Are your students aware of what they should be using a calculator for?

Normal Trainer

Mike Hadden – Excel Files