PowerPoint Collection

Note the new Resources page to which I have added David Millward’s excellent PowerPoint collection. The collection includes resources for Number, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics, there are also three resources on proof (circle theorems, Pythagoras and the sum of the angles in a triangle).

For some useful links on presentations see this post which includes links to sites with PowerPoint templates and advice on good presentation design.

Finally for your amusement Don McMillan’s original ‘Life After Death by PowerPoint

Busy today……

Though I usually write a new post at the weekend….

….and I’d like to still tell you about something useful.

Recently  I discovered ‘Minute Math‘ from the MAA (Mathematical Association of America).
A problem every day with hints and a solution – brilliant.

(I have added this to the Challenges Page on my student blog).

The reason I was busy today – thinking about my Year 10 (UK age 14-15) students who have a Statistics exam coming up – I was considering some questions I’d like them to work through.
In case this is useful to anyone…

I cretaed these worked examples for them….

Statistics – worked examples

They like working through examples themselves – as opposed to watching videos of other people doing so – but that’s a whole other debate!


From TED who provide free and inspiring video talks comes a new education channel: Ted-Ed YouTube ChannelNew videos will be added regularly, the introductory video explains TED’s aims for this education initiative.

It is possible to browse the videos by subject. There are a number of Mathematics videos currently available and the collection will grow.

My year 10s (UK age 14-15) were impressed with the above video, Hans Rosling’s ‘best stats you’ve ever seen’. We also answered the question he posed near the beginning of the video to see how we compared to the chimpanzees!

Students can try the Gapminder software themselves. A teachers’ page has numerous resources and guides on how to use Gapminder are also available.
It is possible to share a graph, try clicking on the image below to see this graph on Gapminder. You can easily generate different graphs by using the menus available on the axes.
Note the menu on the left of the graph which includes options to browse examples and download a pdf guide.

For further Mathematics videos – see the Videos page.
The TedEd collection has been added to the Evernote shared notebook.

TES Resources

I recently learned about A+ Click Math thanks to Craig Barton who describes the site very clearly in the video below. Choose by topic or by age from this extensive collection of problems; all are multiple choice, include solutions and will display well on the interactive whiteboard. As Craig suggests these would make great starters. This is an outstanding site and not a single advert in sight! As part of my never ending quest to make sure I can find things again I have added this site to my Collections page on Mathematics Starters and Plenaries.

Note that the video is number 29 of the series of  Web Whizz videos where Craig looks at a different website each week. These videos are available on the TES Resources site which I included in my Top>10 Mathematics Websites.

On the subject of TES Resources, do explore the site if you have not done so. Registration is free and many high quality resources are available. Start at the Secondary Maths page for resources for students age 11-18 and the Primary pages for younger children: Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Note the very useful collections page on the Secondary page which organises resources into groups. There are several new Topic Specials where members of the newly formed TES Maths panel, of which I am very pleased to be a member have picked their favourite TES resources for teaching a variety of topics.

You can follow the Secondary Maths panel using this Twitter list.