Writing Mathematics Online

August 2018

I have written various posts on the available tools online for writing Mathematics and this is a topic which remains consistently popular. Time for yet another revisit and update as new possibilities are now available – all resources / links here have been checked. I have removed resources where blogs / twitter have not been updated for some considerable time as I think this is a cause for concern regarding the longevity of the resource.

Something I use a lot. I should explain my requirements – I want tools to communicate Mathematics online, for example I may wish to provide some model solutions or answer students’ questions. Writing mathematics can be a pain (and yes I know about LaTeX). Note that there are various possibilities – sometimes just a static picture is required, sometimes you may want to display how to solve a problem in stages, or perhaps you require a collaborative space. You will also need to consider if you want the examples to be permanent or whether you just want a collaborative space for discussion. A graphics tablet is essential.

My favourite method for illustrating Mathematics online (and in fact the one I use most often) when I just need a series of static displays is to turn an interactive whiteboard flipchart (or a PowerPoint) into a pdf file; the pdf file can then be sent to students or uploaded to whatever virtual learning environment or online storage your school uses. If you do not have access to interactive whiteboard software there are alternatives, one could use Windows Paint for example; there are also various free online tools available; see some of the resources below.

flipchart to pdf example
flipchart to pdf example

For sharing resources, it is possible to upload a PowerPoint or pdf file to Slideshare. There are many examples on this blog of my SlideShare slideshows – see this for example

I should mention that I find Slideshare excellent – I use the free version which offers me everything I need – it works every time – I use it a lot!
I created the PowerPoint for the slideshow above by writing on the interactive whiteboard software using my graphics tablet and taking a picture of each page using the Windows snipping tool (it’s in Accessories) – this takes seconds – the snipping tool is something I use every day! (Alternatively I could have saved the interactive whiteboard flipchart as a pdf).

There are as always several options:

For a free online whiteboard tool for teachers and classrooms try Whiteboard.fi. You can read about the features here and follow News and Updates. It is currently possible to lock the classroom once a class has started, preventing new students joining and coming soon the teacher will be able to pause student whiteboards, disabling their drawing functionality until a teacher wishes to enable it again. For Maths teachers we see coming soon we will be able to insert equations.

Whiteboard fi Diagnostic Questions - White Rose AlgebraThe ability to insert an image is excellent, given that each student can only see their own board and the teacher’s it strikes me that Diagnostic Questions could be so useful here. Display the question, have students put their answers on their boards and the teacher will be able to see the responses of all the students. The image featured above is from the White Rose Maths Collection which features quizzes for each topic unit for their Years 1 to 8 maths mastery schemes of work. Remember there are numerous collections including GCSE questions from the examination boards and a collection of problems adapted from the UKMT Mathematical Challenges.

Microsoft whiteboard
Microsoft Whiteboard

From Microsoft, comes their free whiteboard app. To use Microsoft Whiteboard on Windows 10, you must sign in with a free Microsoft account or an Office 365 account (work or school). Full instructions are provided on the help page.


If you wish to record a screencast of the moving pen / step by step solution variety and save your work, Screencast-o-matic is an excellent option. It is very easy to use to capture the screen and your recording can then be uploaded to YouTube if you wish.

Illustrating how to simplify an algebraic fraction : simplify-algebraic-fraction

Screencast-o-matic offers everything I want in this category. It is very easy to use indeed – I can write very smoothly whilst recording.

Further resources offering various solutions for writing Mathematics online:


For a collaborative board, try twiddla which can be used for collaboration. The free model has a maximum number of participants of 10 and a meeting limit time of 20 minutes. Twiddla offers the ability to use mathematical formulae and upload files and images. Use of the board with all its features is free but you cannot save any of your work (possible with a subscription). 

Writing Repeater

Finally – your students may find this amusing – the Writing Repeater from ICT Games – write something and play it back – now this is a lovely tool for little ones learning to write but I’m sure we can think of some uses!

PowerPoint Collection

Note the new Resources page to which I have added David Millward’s excellent PowerPoint collection. The collection includes resources for Number, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics, there are also three resources on proof (circle theorems, Pythagoras and the sum of the angles in a triangle).

For some useful links on presentations see this post which includes links to sites with PowerPoint templates and advice on good presentation design.

Finally for your amusement Don McMillan’s original ‘Life After Death by PowerPoint


There is some good advice on the web on presentations, a subject close to teachers’ hearts.
Some free resources and links:

Duarte Slidedocs
Nancy Duarte – Slidedocs

Free Technology for Teachers (Richard Byrne) : some presentation advice.


Sacha Chua writes so well on learning. Her hand-drawn presentations make a refreshing change.

If you like the hand-drawn style, Betsy Streeter’s Ten Great Uses For a Pencil and How to Draw What’s Not There!

These are such a good reminders that it is the content that matters not the tools.

Sacha’s comment ‘Paper is the New PowerPoint’ reminds me of using some of the excellent ways of writing Mathematics online with a graphics tablet which is a great way to respond to student queries. I think for me an online whiteboard tool is the new LaTeX!

An excellent reminder that PowerPoint is just a tool from Clear Presentation Design

From Alexei Kapterev:  Death by PowerPoint (and how to fight it).

From Jessedee: You Suck at PowerPoint

Finally for your amusement Don McMillan’s original ‘Life After Death by PowerPoint