Venn Diagrams

Fully updated post – August 2021

These three interactives from Shodor are a good introduction to Venn diagrams:
Venn Diagrams, Shape Sorter and Triple Venn Diagram Shape Sorter 

With the Triple Venn Diagram Shape Sorter you can either set the rules or guess the rules by selecting the appropriate button:

(Note the details of Shodor Interactivate here and all the activities here.)

Some excellent activities are available from the Illuminations site.
The Shape Sorter allows exploration of geometric properties of shapes.

Select Instructions and Exploration for clear information on how to use the resource.

WolframAlpha can also be used.
The slideshow here shows several examples.

2 comments on “Venn Diagrams

  1. Anja it struck me when I was writing this post how versatile they are. The resources mentioned seem to cover the full range from primary children to A Level students.

    Jonny Griffith’s RISPs are excellent – thank you for the reminder about Number 10!

  2. Thanks Colleen. This post makes it easy to fulfill my new term resolution:I will use this the coming week when teaching quadrilaterals to my yr 8!

    I LOVE Venns for their versatility:
    One of my favorite Venn diagram activities is with yr 12 to revise and deepen understanding of co-ordinate geometry. It’s RISP No 10 from Jonny Griffiiths amazing webpage (

    On the other hand, my son(yr 1) thinks that Venns are amazing – his (fantastic) teacher uses Venn to discuss anything from science materials to even/odd/timetables.

    A resource which works frm KS 1 – KS5 …. and teaches a great skill apart for life!

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