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Top >10 Mathematics Websites remains a very popular post on this blog.


I have read various ‘Top (insert number here) Mathematics Websites’ posts and all of them have left me with the thought that so many excellent sites are missing from such lists. Any post claiming top 10 or >10 in my case is clearly the author’s top 10, not the top 10! These are my top >10 because I really do use them – a lot – in the classroom! For my own list, I have decided to include some categories as well as individual sites which gives me the excuse to mention far more than 10! Note that every site mentioned here is free to use.

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  4. There is no discussion about my number one of my top ten !

    Thanks a lot for the endless suggestions both in terms of great resources but also in terms of organisational issues.!
    My resolution for the next term is to not only marvel your great ideas but to put one suggestion into practice each week. By just concentrating one one good idea per week I hope to transfer lots of good ideas from my ‘passive’ into my ‘active’ resource bank!

    Thanks again.Ax

  5. Hi Damian. I agree with all your recommendations – in fact you will see mrbarton is included in this article – see under my Notes category.
    You will also find Kenny’s pouch and suffolk maths within these pages – see Progression –

    CIMT – no I am not joking! I did say it was my top ten! Though I know many refer to CIMT – it’s just so comprehensive – if one is ever stuck you can find an example there. Some of the activities are rather nice, the mental tests on every chapter can provide good starters and the interactive materials can be useful for students for independent study.

    Glad you like the filling and pouring – I have used the CLEO resource for years and only recently discovered The Connected Maths Project.

  6. Please say you are joking about the entry of “CIMT- The Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching” in your top 10! It is death by worksheet, there is no innovation on the website,and it is very dated. I would recommend the following – a truly brilliant site, also another great site or
    These are great with some great teaching and learning activities.
    I did enjoy filling and pouring links – great job.
    Regards Damian

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