Circle Theorems

A collection of excellent free resources for demonstrating the various circle theorems:
Tim Devereux has created GeoGebra applets which allow exploration of the circle theorems. You can access each theorem from the menu on the left which includes a useful summary of all the theorems.

GeoGebra - Circle Theorems

GeoGebra – Circle Theorems

See also these excellent demonstrations or try the following from Suffolk Maths.

From Suffolk Maths there are many GeoGebra applets available including a set for the Circle theorems. The collection includes a PowerPoint with instructions for drawing circles and measuring angles with Geogebra.


From Nrich comes an interactive Geoboard and a selection of problems to introduce circle theorems. As with all Nrich resources teachers’ notes are included. See these on the Subtended Angles problem for example.


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