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Inspired by Jonathan Hall’s (@StudyMaths) excellent session on Completion Tables at Maths Conf31, I have been reminding myself of all the excellent fill in the blanks type resources available and have updated my original post on this. Now available as a page, Fill in the blanks can be found as part of the Problems & Activities Collection. Several new activities have been added to the original.

Trigonometry (Area) – Fill In The Blanks, Andy Lutwyche

There is also a good deal of evidence that the use of worked examples can
be helpful in introducing new ideas (Booth et al., 2017; Sweller et al., 2019).
Particularly effective are ‘completion problems’ where students are given
partial solutions and required to complete them
. These can help students to
focus on the examples but also manage the difficulty level while retaining
authentic tasks

Great Teaching Toolkit – Evidence Review, June 2020 Rob Coe, C.J. Rauch, Stuart Kime, Dan Singleton

Check the galleries here for images of some of these great resources, all the details are available on the page Fill in the blanks…

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