Mathematical Miscellany #82

The new Casio Calculators are appearing, here’s Jack Brown’s first look at the Casio FX-991CW.

And from an absolute favourite Calculator guide author, The Calculator Guide, Inequalities On A Number Line On A Casio fx-83GTCW | fx-85GTCW. I am looking forward to more from the Calculator Guide, keep an eye on these playlists on The Calculator Guide YouTube Channel.

The Calculator Guide.

You can see further details on the calculators from Casio here and the manuals can be found here, fx-570CW | fx-991CW User’s Guide, and fx-83GT CW I fx-85GT CW User’s Guide.

View a QuickStart video from Casio to help get you started with New ClassWiz.

I have added a page for easy reference to the Calculator series of pages.

Some great resources that have caught my eye recently:

The word problems are available on All About Maths. The booklets have been designed by shadowing past exam questions to help students gain ample practice in answering such questions. Two levels of difficulty are available: basic and multi-step. For students who need a little extra support, note the booklets with ‘starter advice’ which could be useful to provide scaffolding.

AQA’ s all about Maths is a resource site for teachers with numerous excellent resources. The resources are for teachers who offer, or are considering offering AQA maths qualifications; see How to get access to AQA All About Maths and register here.

From NCETM, have a look at these new resources on Algebraic Thinking.

These materials for exploring algebra with KS3 students are all freely available to download from the NCETM website. The 6 resources include PowerPoint slides and very helpful notes for teachers including the rationale behind each topic, useful language for teachers to model, how to address misconceptions, and how the topic might be explored in the context of KS2 to KS3 transition..

NCETM Balance Beam

The notes suggest that this Checkpoint activity could be used to introduce the Balance Beaam resource. A reminder that you can find all the Checkpoint activities on the NCETM webste.

NCETM Checkpoint Activity

From the brilliant Nathan Day Calculate Cleverly, Trigonometry, and Mathematical Quotations :

What a lovely task from Miss Konstantine on Quadratics.