Mathematical Miscellany #79

Looking ahead to summer examinations, this year there will not be advance infomation as there was last year, but in GCSE Mathenatics students will again have formaule sheets; the exam boards have now published these. This page, Examinations 2023, includes links to infomation and the formulae sheets for each exam board. The page also includes the series of revision pages with many ideas and resources for revision.

Formulae sheets 2023

OCR formulae test

OCR additionally have formulae sheets top tips, and GCSE formulae tests.

Mathsbot – Directed Number

I often use Jonathan Hall’s wonderful Completion Tables so was delighted to see that these are all in one place on MathsBot, a personal favorite is his Directed Number.

(See Fill in the Blanks for many such exercises, and Negative Numbers for more resources on Negative Numbers.)

Regular readers will be aware a favourite website of mine is Transum, two recent additions are Algebraic HCF with Algebraic HCF and LCM exercises over 5 levels and Gradients now with a new level 2 which features straight lines drawn on axes where the vertical scale is different from the horizontal scale, soe labels are obscured for an additional challenge.

From Chris McGrane on Starting Points Maths, have a look at this lovely task on Integration which provides much needed practice on deciding on the integration required to determine the areas shown. Students are required only to write down the integrals with limits.  

It struck me that the questions could be checked and illustrated on WolframAlpha.

Both MathsBot and Transum featured in my Enduring Websites collection, websites started between 1997 and 2013, and still there! MathsBot and Transum are regularly producing such excellent resources after many years. I believe Starting Points Maths will be included in the next Enduring websites collection!

These slides are from a session I presented at last year’s MA Conference.

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