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A little problem for the holidays (a terrible misuse of the equals sign!)
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Examinations Summer 2022 & Examinations November 2022
These posts written in 2022 include advance information for the 2022 Examination sessions; whilst those sessions are complete, both posts also include many resources which provide very useful GCSE revision resources for any exam session.
A little problem for the holidays
I wrote this post over 10 years ago in 2022 when my son sent me the problem you see illustrated above! People searching for a solution seem to find their way to my blog.
Knowledge Organisers – Mathematics
Written in 2019, this post with many knowledge organisers from KS3 to A Level and further reading references remains consistently popular.
Retrieval Practice
With many resources for retrieval practice and further reading, this page created in 2019 remains consistently popular.
A Level (16+) Resources
Initially created in 2017, this page has undergone many revisions to add new resources for A Level.
Venn Diagrams was first written in 2015 when we knew that the GCSE specification change would mean more problems on this topic, the original post has been rewritten 4 times with the latest written in 2021
Geoboard Activities
This page was first written in 2015 and has increased in popularity every year since then. Online GeoBoard tools and also activities are included in the post.
Further Maths A Level Topic Tests
Initially written earlier in 2022, this post included Edexcel’s Further Maths Topic Tests written as part od the support for the Summer 2022 examinations. Those tests are no longer available, however the post remians popular with other resources offering Further Maths questions by topic.
Simultaneous Equations
This 2022 post includes many varied resources for teaching simultaneous equations.
Worked Examples – A Level
First created in 2018, this page has undergone several revisions and has increased considerbly in popularity, the free Hodder resources provide a great collection of worked examples.
Misconceptions in Mathematics
A post on Misconceptions was originally written in 2013 and has undergone a major revision, Back in 2013, the Count On website existed and included a collection of misconceptions. In 22 sections, in each section misconceptions are given along with the correct version. Further explanations are also provided and also follow up exercises with answers. Happily, I downloaded the file at the time and have included it in on the page.
And look at this December 2022 update: Dan Meyer’s thought-provoking December 2022 post, “…students don’t have misconceptions.”
I wrote the original post on this wonderful site for A Level students from Dr Trifon Madas when one of my students discovered it in 2016. Sadly Trifon Madas passed away in September 2021. This website remains freely available in a static format for all its users, in his memory. See News on MadAsMaths.
Popular Posts 2022

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