Mathematical Miscellany #77

A compilation post this week…

One of my go-to websites is Corbett Maths, I was interested to see that John Corbett has been adding some updates. He has added 6 new Estimated Mean and 10 new Order of Operations questions the Practice Questions, along with video solutions.

Corbett Maths – Order of Operations
Corbett Maths – Estimated Mean

See the slides from my session Enduring Mathematics Websites presented at last year’s MA Conference – some sites (including Corbett Maths) that have been with us for many years and all still there!

Each of these pages include sites easily searched by topic for quality resources.

From Complete Maths check their Free Resources section, the wonderful Task Booklet keeps on growing!

The tasks aim to promote mathematical thinking and behaviour in the classroom and have been designed to be used with an appropriate model or manipulative. (See also NCETM’s Using Mathematical Representations at KS3.)

Note the playlist, Tasks on the Complete Maths YouTube CPD channel where Jonathan Hall is sharing his thoughts on some of these tasks. He recently shared this on Volume of Cuboids – a lovely link to prime factorisation here,

Complete Mathematics

A recent post from the SERP institute on Math by Example describes the excellent (free) resources, MathByExample and AlgebraByExample. I featured these resources on my Misconceptions page.

Dr Austin Maths

Checking the New section on Dr Austin Maths, note the 6th November entry, a couple of resources for Year 12, (expect more from Dr Austin for A Level in the coming months). These resources can currently be found in Advanced Maths where we see Trigonometric Ratios Decode the Joke and Trigonometric Identities Match-Up.

Image by Simon Gregg – from his Which one doesn’t belong? collection

Which one doesn’t belong? Have a look at this post from Terri Eichholz which includes an album from Simon Gregg of over 200 WODB images for educators to use for math discussions.

Mathsvent Calendar – Phil Bruce

It’s not quite December yet, but I can see from my WordPress statistics that people are searching for Advent resources, so I have added my Mathematical Advent Calendars page to the menu of featured posts.

Brooke Hunter has shared these excellent sessions used by her Maths department. As she states, the critical element is the discussion generated in the session.

Advanced Problems in Mathematics – Stephen Siklos

Note the announcement below from Cambridge Admissions Testing; I have added the information to my page on University Admissions Tests, these resources provide challnging questions for Mathematics students whether or not they are taking any tests.

Update November 2022: “Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing is to withdraw from running a series of university admissions exams with effect from 2024-5. This includes BMAT (medicine), ENGAA (engineering), NSAA (natural sciences) and TMUA (mathematical skills) tests.”

Some reading, from Hannah Fry, a piece she wrote for the i newspaper on November 11, 2022 about why she thinks you don’t see more girls doing maths.

On the subject of encouraging girls to study Mathematics, remember the information and ideas from amsp.

For your amusement, in case you missed it, be inspired by Jonathan Hall’s Thing on Mathsbot.

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