Mathematical Miscellany #63

On Transum Mathematics, we now have Equatero which John Tranter created having seen the TV game show, Lingo.

Transum Mathematics

The rules are simple – find the calculation – any numbers or symbols in the correct place are shown as green, any numbers or symbols that are correct but in the wrong place will be yellow and any numbers or symbols that are not included in the calculation will be  red. Rather an addictive game – but plenty of thinking! This has been added to the Number collection in the Puzzles & Games series.

We also have a Maths words version – Vocabero.

MathsBot – Bar Modelling Tutorial

It’s great to see Jonathan Hall adding manuals for his great resources on MathsBot. Here is Bar Modelling for example.

See post on Bar Modelling for problem examples and resources.

Thinking Blocks – Math Playground

It’s really helpful when sites have a clear ‘What’s new?’ type section or you can easily search by recent additions and/or subscribe to a newsletter. Just a few examples from the many excellent sites for Mathematics:

On Transum see Breaking News where you will find information on new and updated resources. Current news includes the resources mentioned above, Equatero and Vocabero.

From NCETM, see News and Features.

Nrich – sign up for their Newsletter.

What’s new at Desmos? This is really comprehensive – a great way to keep up to date.

On Dr Austin Maths select New from the Menu, I see some more of her always high quality resources – I’m a fan of Fill in the Blanks (as well as all her other resources!) For a whole collection of Fill in the Blanks type resources from various sources, see this post.

MathsBot was mentioned earlier, keep up with Jonathan Hall’s latest MathsBot resources.

Jonathan Hall – MathsBot

An absolute favourite resource Author – Andy Lutwyche, search his resources by newest on TES. I see some brilliant new Erica’s Errors on Mechanics.

Andy Lutwyche – Erica’s Errors series

On Purposeful Maths from Phil Bruce and Martin Green, see What’s New; we see for example added in December, Adding Negative Numbers.

Purposeful Maths

Starting Points Maths is arranged by date, most recent first, you can also look at Latest Tasks by topic area.

Starting Points Maths

The task continues with further questions and students draw a graph; I really like the way students see the multiple representations here.

From MEI – on Integrating technology into your scheme of work, we see published in December, GeoGebra resources for Further Maths A level.

MEI GeoGebra Tasks