Algebra Manipulatives

Algebra Tiles

White Rose Maths

From White Rose Maths – new digital tools are free for use by teachers and parents. You can watch the short webinars introducing their first two new interactive tools – Place Value Charts & Algebra Tiles – scroll down to the Resources and CPD collection.

The very clear webinars introduce the key features of the tools.

This is an outstanding resource and very easy to use.

White Rose Maths – Algebra Tiles

For further information and resources, see this Algebra Tiles collection including an excellent read on the subject with examples which is one of NCETM’s Using Mathematical Representations at KS3 seriesAlgebra Tiles.

Purposeful Maths – Completing the Square

A recent resource on the excellent Purposeful Maths from Martin Green and Phil Bruce using algebra tiles is Completing the Square, under Quadratic Equations in the Algebra resource collection.

Algebra Discs

Using Algebra Discs from Oxford Education is a series of short videos on doing just that – using Algebra discs for addition and subtraction of integers and collecting like terms.

Starting Points Maths – Collecting Like Terms

Resources using Algebra discs:

Phil Bruce – Linear equations with algebra discs


On Jonathan Hall’s Mathsbot, in the Manipulatives collection, we have Algebra Discs.

BossMaths Algebra Discs.