University Admissions Tests

Dr Frost Maths – STEP, MAT & AEA questions

Resources and information on University Admissions tests are available on a page in the A Level (16+) series of pages; these resources for University Admissions Test preparation provide challenging questions for students anywhere studying Mathematics beyond age 16. The question shown above can be found in Dr Frost’s STEP, MAT & AEA questions booklet, papers, questions and mark schemes are all available on this page. Wherever possible it is such a good idea to help students visualise a problem with a dynamic geometry package. Happily, Ben Sparks has shown just how to do that in GeoGebra – thank you Ben!

Included in this collection is the post No Calculators Allowed which has information on the BMAT test and also resources for all students to work without a calculator.

Transum Mathematics

On Transum Mathematics you will find many estimation resources including Rough Answers illustrated here. Note the different levels available.

Number Operations
Estimation by rounding – C Parkinson

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