Summer Maths

Reading the latest newsletter, I see that Nrich will be publishing a challenge a day throughout the UK summer break, every weekday from 19 July to 31 August, a new game or puzzle will appear on this Primary page and this Secondary page. Once students have tried the day’s challenge they will be able to compare their approach to previously published students’ solutions.

Also from Nrich remember there are many interactive games and puzzles.

Wayne Chadburn – Summer boost calendars

For calendars with a GCSE question a day from 19th July to 5th September have a look at Wayne Chadburn’s Summer boost resources, one for Higher and one for Foundation. He writes these calendars to provide regular, varied practice. In the next academic year he will produce calendars for year 11 students each month from September to April; the calendars for September 2021 are already available. Note the three versions including crossover questions, Foundation, Foundation plus and Higher.

Transum – Newspaper Type Puzzles

On Transum, a whole collection of school holiday Maths activities to do at home is available. To quote from Transum Mathematics:

Here are some suggestions for activities that will keep children thinking mathematically while having fun and learning new skills.

These are really clearly categorised and we have a lovely mixture of learning and puzzles and games to make you think. There is a great deal of choice here. See also the full list of all fun maths activities.

Try these brilliant GeoGebra puzzles from Daniel Mentrard, also his 64 geometric puzzles.

Puzzles – Daniel Mentrard

Perhaps try Tangram on Mathigon.
How many of the different shapes can you make?

rich also have a Tangram activity for students age 7 – 11 or for 5-14 years olds try Tangram Pictures.

Nrich Tangram Browser

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