Mathematical Miscellany #45

Another collection this week, beginning with the latest update to my Knowledge Organisers page. Sarah Hall is creating a GCSE (‘WJEC flavoured’) collection. Sarah’s Knowledge Organiser resources can all be found (all free) on TES Resources. These have many clear illustrations and like others in the Knowledge Organiser collection, are very attractively presented.

Sequences KO Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall – Knowledge Organisers

A theme in posts recently has been A level resources – both Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Another recent and very welcome addition for Further Mathematics comes from the excellent Westie’s Workshop collection. This very clearly structured PowerPoint resource is for the new A-level Further Mathematics syllabus core content (CP1 & CP2) and uses questions from past papers also from the sample assessment material. The resource can be used by pupils for self-study or worked through in class.
Westie's Workshop
Clear notes at the beginning of the presentation explain how to easily navigate the slides. Full mark schemes are included.

You can view all the author’s resources with the most recent first on TES. Recent resources include IGCSE (Edexcel new course) questions and for Further Maths, Mechanics a Work Energy and Power teaching resource; you will also find resources for Mathematics A Level.
See also:
Further Mechanics 1

and for Mathematics A Level:
Mathematics AS Level     Mathematics A Level

2020 statistics fft education data labEach year, I have added a results page where you can find the results statistics and links to relevant blogs and articles. Clearly, 2020 is an exceptional year.

Check the blog from FFT Education Datalab
for the latest information including
A-Level results 2020: The main trends in grades and entries

Also, note that all the latest figures are available to explore on Education Datalab’s results microsite.

If you have not explored the new NCETM website yet, then do have a look. This is very well organised and easy to navigate. Have a look at the In the Classroom section for example where you will find materials, guidance and National Curriculum resources.
Check for example the very helpful National Curriculum Resource Tool which clearly shows the progression for topics from Year 1 through to Key Stage 3.

I like the way each area of the website links to related areas. For example from the National Curriculum Resource Tool we could choose Algebra which shows the content for Year 6 and Key Stage 3 Algebra; from that page, if you select Key Stage 3 Algebra you will not only find the content but a wealth of links and resources, a very valuable collection.

NCETM National Curriculum

NCETM National Curriculum

Looking at the Articles for Algebra, there are seven articles – an excellent mix of case studies on work with pupils and also, for example, Anne Watson’s (2009) Key Understandings in mathematics learning, Paper 6: Algebraic reasoning (PDF), London: Nuffield Foundation

Standards Unit

Standards Unit-Nottingham University

The Activities and Exemplification sections both provide examples and questions you can use in class. The Activities include resources from the excellent Standards Unit, links are provided to the individual activities hosted on STEM Learning. Another source for the Standards Unit comes from Nottingham University; everything is here in one place including all the professional development materials.

NCETM Algebra Activities

NCETM – KS3 Algebra Activities

NCETM Algebra

NCETM – KS3 Algebra Exemplification

In this case in the Video section, we have 6 examples; I do like the inclusion of the Factorising with Multilink from Nrich.



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