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MEI’s Calculator Crunch?

MEI Calculator Crunch

MEI’s fun and free summer challenge is back again this year.

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MEI’s fun and free summer challenge is back for 2020!

Our Calculator Crunch is a fun way to continue to engage Year 6s with maths whilst also developing their confidence with calculators, ready for maths at secondary school. The activities in the challenge provide extra practice for Year 6s and 7s in key areas of the maths curriculum.

Parents and carers can use the challenge activities with their children at home, and teachers can incorporate them into work they are setting for pupils either in school or remotely.

On each weekday from 15-25 June @MEIMaths will tweet a  question for children to work on. Each question will involve using a calculator (basic or scientific) to solve an interesting problem. The problems are designed to deepen children’s mathematical thinking skills.

Teachers check the MEI website article for some great additional resources.

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