Mathematical Miscellany #36

Access Maths – Starters
Starters - Access MathsOn Access Maths you can now find a whole library of Starters covering Algebra, Sequences, Probability, Geometry and Number. The Starters have been designed to be used in the final term with a top set year 9 in the author’s school. These starters could be very useful for GCSE in Years 10 and 11.

Also on Access Maths, you can find all the Form Time Numeracy activities you ever wanted!

Though if you do want some more then look no further than Jonathan Hall’s (@StudyMaths) Form Time Ideas.

Topic Tests for Mathematics and Further Mathematics A Level
AQA Topic Tests
A growing set of really useful Topic Tests are available for both Maths and Further Maths A Levels from AQA. I like the index provided by the mapping documents, one for Maths and one for Further Maths. For each test there is a clear statement of what is assessed in the test which comprises two sections. The questions in section A test basics of the topic and those in section B require a bit more thinking. Mark schemes are provided for all tests.
(How to get access to AQA’s free portal – All About Maths).

AQA Algebra Topic Test example

AQA Topic Test – Series and Sums

Pyramid Puzzles – AndyLutwyche

Indices Pyramid Puzzles A Lutwyche

Indices Pyramid Puzzles – Andy Lutwyche

I frequently recommend Andy’s excellent resources, recent resources include his pyramid puzzles, currently available, he has puzzles on Indices, Expressions and Calculations (designed to be done without a calculator).

I recently recommended Andy’s Non Examples – Reasoning tasks, this collection has now grown.

AL Examples & non-examples

Non-examples Andy Lutwyche

Learning ScientistsI’ll end this collection with a little listening – literally a little listen from the Learning Scientists who include Bite-size research in their podcast collection. Their latest episode, Bite-Size Research on Seductive Details, looks at the details we include in our teaching that are not necessarily relevant for understanding the topic but make the lesson more interesting  – a good idea? Some further research into how you present new information to students.


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