Mathematical Miscellany #29

With Exam season already started, an exam themed miscellany this week…

Command Words GCSE EdexcelFrom Edexcel – I do like this recently added Teacher’s Guide to Command Words, not only do we have commentary on what is expected from students when a particular commonly used command word is used but examples of questions to exemplify the use of the word.

All the examination boards have very clear resources illustrating command words, something we can incorporate into our teaching.

On Naikermaths you will find several new A Level Mathematics Practice Papers. These papers are based on legacy Edexcel Exam Papers, but they have been edited to reflect the new A Level Specifications and include new questions to make them suitable for the new specification. Full solutions are provided.

What a treasure trove Edexcel’s Emporium is, log in and look for example at the themed practice papers for GCSE. This includes one mark questions and mark schemes (scroll down the alphabetical list), a good idea for any final revision sessions. Talking of one mark questions has given me an idea for Maths and Further Maths A Level revision sessions;  the very old Multiple choice papers I began my career with could be a very useful source of questions. Scroll down this post for an example.
Multiple Choice Example

Note the comment from Graham Cummings below, papers are available in Edexcel’s Emporium:

The Emporium has some 17 multiple-choice question papers from the period 1988-1992 – by no means a complete set, but they range across the Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics syllabuses. You can find them in the “Pre-C2000” cabinet within GCE AS/A Level.

A recent post from The Calculator Guide blog has very useful advice from AQA on the use of calculators in A Level Maths. I have recommended the Calculator Guide before and have shown many of the very helpful videos in both Maths and Further Maths classes. Check the resources here. Certainly, calculator use at A level needs to be taught explicitly. Note section 3 on Calculator Use from AQA’s excellent A-Level Maths The thinking behind great assessment.
Note my page here on Classwiz tutorials.

Crashmaths AS Countdown
With common content for all the examination boards at A Level, we have many resources for our students. On Crashmaths, see the AS and A Level Countdowns. The first AS exam was 15th May – all 10 worksheets are available.

CrashMaths Countdown

crashMATHS – A Level Countdown

The A Level countdown leads up to the first A Level Maths Exam on 5th June 2019 with the first worksheet published on 26th May. Each question sheet has 5  pure questions and 2 applied, one Mechanics and one Statistics; I like the way the pure section includes a mix of basic, problem and modeling questions.

From crashMATHS I have successfully used all the AS key skills checks this year with Year 13 and will do so again; they make great lesson starters. I see a section on End of Unit Tests under development, with a good set of Proof questions available now; certainly a space to watch.

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