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Maths on Toast is a family charity whose mission is to make maths a creative, enjoyable, human, social activity for families and communities. Maths on Toast want everyone to feel positive about maths – to feel that it is something they can do, and enjoy.

The charity holds regular library sessions and works with community groups. Now, to spread the word further, we have the launch of Maths on Toast Bites. I was delighted to attend the launch event, also attended by some of the children in the films. It is always so good to see children’s enjoyment in Maths.

The five films are now available on the website, use the dropdown menu and you can see from the children in the films how to make a hexaflexagon, construct a sturdy structure, make Platonic solids, step through a playing card and how to enjoy fun family maths.
Maths on Toast Bites Films

Maths on Toast ‘Bites’ …
Showing how maths is creative, fun and for everyone.

Maths on Toast – the family maths charity – today, May 16th, launches ‘Bites’, a series of short ‘How To’ creative maths videos presented by children aged between 8 and 11. Aimed at primary school children and their families, our group of enthusiastic ‘maths advocates’ demonstrates a range of fun, hands-on maths activities that families can try together.

The 5 short films, along with accompanying activity instructions, are available on Maths on Toast’s website.

Maths on Toast’s mission is to promote positive attitudes to maths. Bites will broaden children and their families’ view of what and where maths is, and show that maths can be creative family fun.

An instruction sheet for the activities demonstrated in each film is available to
download. Families can try them together at home – they could also be used in school or
community settings. Trying them, enjoying them, and being aware that this is maths,
will change the whole family’s perception of maths; learning together through play and
discovery will increase confidence and create positive memories of maths.

Lucy Davis, CEO, Maths on Toast
“Maths on Toast Bites illustrate perfectly that ‘maths is everywhere and for everyone’.
The films show fun, creative, hands-on activities that we hope will be shared far and
wide to inspire children and their families to look at maths in a different light and
explore the many possibilities that maths has to offer. The enjoyment of maths in its
many forms provide the first step to creating a positive attitude to maths that can help
counter maths anxiety and a lack of confidence in maths.”

Rashid Iqbal, CEO, The Winch
“Maths on Toast is showing that children love to learn when learning is child-centred,
and that we can nurture an intrinsic joy to mastering maths. I am always delighted to
see projects in action that assert the value of informal education and champion the
principles of community-driven pedagogical practices.”

Sebastian Thiel, Founder, Upshot Entertainment
“Working with Maths on Toast and the young people was beyond amazing! All of the
young people were fully engaged and found every maths game and activity extremely
fun. As someone who hated maths growing up, I was astonished to see how
fun maths can be, especially for young people.”

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