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These wonderful, and reassuring A level notes for students from Mathsbox?

From the excellent MathsBox site, brilliant timing for this wonderful free resource: Pure Mathematics A Level Notes. The notes have a very comprehensive set of clear and well-explained examples which I am sure will appeal to students.

We now have Statistics and Mechanics notes as well.

Free A LEVEL MATHS – Statistics and Mechanic Notes

Download Here
Statistics : https://t.co/umOaX5b9XJ
Mechanics : https://t.co/8vybq1RqMW

Thanks to @TheHBomb @MrsMathematica @JamesMaths1 @DrBennison for the suggestions/checking/corrections.

— SandraD (@mathsbox1) April 23, 2019

Mathsbox has many free samples to try, easily one of the best value subscription sites around in my opinion.

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