Mathematics for Easter

It’s nearly Easter time again, so time for some Mathematical Easter treats!


Also a post for students – a puzzle from Mathisfun which is just an excuse to solve some simultaneous equations (and how to do it on Excel with the neat MINVERSE function!) The post also includes some notes and examples for students on simultaneous equations.

Transum – Egg Box Investigation

From Transum Mathematics, and perfect for thinking about Systematic Listing Strategies, try this Egg Box Investigation.

From Nrich try How Many Eggs? Or for younger students, Eggs in Baskets.

If we stay with an eggs theme, I do like You Can’t Make an Omelette from these Freedom and Constraints resources.



Easter Relay – Chris Smith

From Chris Smith, try his great Easter relay and note the whole set. I have used many of these very successfully – have fun whilst doing plenty of Maths!

On Teachit Maths, we have an Easter Chick with Easter Coordinate Pictures and Easter Bunny Race. With Easter Bunny Race, watch a race between the Easter bunnies and determine their speed. I like the questions to check understanding, including some harder questions – watch those units!

Teachit Maths, a (very good value) subscription site offers its collection of activities as pdfs free. I have found many high-quality resources here for all ages, including older students (KS5, 16-18).

Teachit Maths – Easter Bunny Race

Look out for any Easter Challenges from Perton School Maths Department.

MEI Maths post some great problems on Mondays! I think this would be appropriate for lower KS3 students also.

On TES, check these resources:

For older students, a Maths Item of the Month (April 2018) from MEI gives instructions for drawing an Easter egg and then asks students to find the area.


On the subject of Easter eggs, I must return to this definition. See…
WolframAlpha – a little fun!

Desmos Easter Egg

A simple Easter Egg on Desmos, we have an ellipse and the sine function – note the transformations of the sine function.

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