Mathematical Miscellany #23

Equality Explorer 2 - PhET SIMS

Equality Explorer – PhET Simulations

Firstly in this resource collection, a reminder of the many excellent PhET Simulations.


Try Graphing Slope-Intercept which allows you to easily demonstrate the equation of a straight line.
PhET slope intercept

Note the Competitions page, there are just a few more days available to submit an entry for The Royal Statistical Society’s Statistic of the Year 2018? Complete a simple nomination form by 25th November; full details are available on the site. Last year’s winners are fascinating, do you know the percentage of the United Kingdom land area that is densely built upon?

Learn Videos

Graspable Math – Tutorial Videos

A reminder of the excellent Graspable Maths; have you tried scrubbing numbers? This canvas on fractions illustrates the feature; select scrub from the top menu and see the feature in action. Thank you to the original author, it is very easy to copy a canvas and adapt to suit your class.

Here, Graspable Math took one of Dave Taylor’s wonderful Increasingly Difficult Question sets and created a canvas of the problems.
IDQ Changing the Subject



Edexcel Codebreaker

Edexcel Worksheets

Looking back at previous posts in this series, Mathematical Miscellany #16 on the many excellent teaching resources from the examination boards is very popular, this collection has been given its own page in the Problems and Activities series.

Another reminder, this time of the great resources on crashMaths.

With all A Level courses now linear, Retrieval Practice is essential. From crashMaths these AS Maths Key Skills Check worksheets are very valuable for Year 13 in the second year of their A Level course. The Skills Checks are all on Pure Mathematics. My Year 13 students have now completed several of these as starters and appreciate them very much. I have found I can snip the questions and get 4 copies on an A4 sheet – so very economical too!

crashMaths Skills Check