Mathematical Miscellany #22

Underground Maths R9452

Oxford MAT 2007, Q1d

On Mathematics for Students earlier this week, see the annual update on University Admissions tests. Many resources are available to help students prepare for the tests. Such resources are excellent for students aiming for high grades, not just those taking tests.

For a new Competitions page – note the link on the right-hand side. Check, for example, the poster competition from the excellent maths careers site and from MEI, Ritangle.

MEI & Maths Careers

ParallelNot a conventional competition, but to challenge your able mathematicians, try Parallel from Simon Singh. All materials and resources are completely free and teachers will have access to all the student scores from the Parallelograms which are automatically marked.

Students do earn points depending on their percentage score on each Parallelogram, which in turn earns mathematical badges. There will be prizes for schools and students linked to the badges in future. Keep an eye on Parallel for the latest news.

Maths GenieReturning to Mathematics for Students, I have updated the GCSE Revision Resources page. My students do like Maths Genie, which is excellent for both GCSE and Advanced level.

In case you have not seen my recent post on Advanced Level – Worked Examples, do check these superb resources from Hodder and from Maths Genie.

Hodder examples

Hodder – Solutions for My Revision Notes (Pure)

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