Mathematical Miscellany #21

For A Level Teaching, Dr Jamie Frost has as always been very busy! These high-quality resources (slides/worksheets) provide complete coverage for the new specification.

Dr Frost KS5

Dr Frost Maths – A Level Resources

Whilst Dr Frost mentions Edexcel, the content for A Level Maths is the same for all examination boards; Further mathematics has some common Pure content.

Dr Frost has also provided very clear instructions for using the Casio FX99-1EX Classwiz calculator which you will find on his site. To really challenge your students Dr Frost has created such a useful resource with his STEP, MAT and AEA questions all aligned to new A Level chapters. This document is 156 pages of categorised questions (brief answers are given). Also available is a pdf file of just the STEP questions.

There is a page on Dr Frost’s resources as part of the A Level (16+) Resources series of pages.

From the older students, let us turn our attention to the younger students.

Corbett 5-a-day Primary

Corbett Maths – 5-a-day Primary

The excellent Corbett Maths Primary includes 5-a-day Primary illustrated above. The page of resources for younger students has been updated with this brilliant addition.


5x8 Card

SERP – 5×8 Card

Emma McCrea alerted us to The 5×8 Card generated by a SERP Team. You can read more information on the background to this resource here.

Not having come across the SERP website before I investigated further and found more delights. I particularly like MathByExample and AlgebraByExample which is a set of Algebra 1 assignments that incorporate worked examples and prompt students to analyze and explain. These look like good resources for discussing common misconceptions.

SERP - Algebra by Example

SERP – Algebra by Example

Note the tabs at the top of the home page, from the Materials tab you can access all the resources. Note the free downloads at the SERP download centre where you can download individual resources, or very simply, use the menu on the left to download the complete workbook; answers are also available as are introductory guides for teachers and students.

With UK A Level results having recently been published, the Results 2018 page has been updated and checked. Links to grade boundaries and results statistics are provided and note the useful resources from Ofqual. GCSE Links will be checked on Thursday 23rd August.

It is still Summer holiday time for some of us, so I’ll end with this lovely puzzle I had not come across before. See plus magazine – Finding the nine. (There is a link to a very clear solution in the video). The

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