Seneca Learning

Seneca Learning

I included Seneca Learning in my latest sessions on Retrieval Practice (Retrieval Practice – it’s not all about quizzes); a free revision and homework platform, Seneca has applied research in cognitive neuroscience and psychology to provide an engaging environment for students. To answer the question What is Seneca? we can turn to this blog post from Stephen Wilks. The blog is helpful for learning more about Seneca, also note the Frequently Asked Questions which includes guides for teachers, students and parents. Further features are planned for teachers.

Exam Board specific GCSE content is available, my Year 10 students have tried this and reacted very favourably; this is certainly something I will be using with my students in the coming academic year; the step by step explanations and examples look very helpful indeed. My students certainly liked the AQA GCSE Maths sections we looked at – they also strayed into the many other subjects available, liking the content they saw.

Happily, Seneca has just announced that KS3 and A Level courses will also be free – such excellent news.
Free KS3 & A Level

Currently, several GCSE courses are available for UK Exam Boards.
GCSE Courses

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