Holiday Time

Looking back over some previous posts, I thought I would check and update some holiday-themed posts.

An Italian holiday included a visit to the wonderful National Cinema Museum in Turin – see the Mathematics in the Movies post.

Milan Cathedral – photo by Sophie Young

Visiting Milan and wandering around the lovely Cathedral (one of the largest in Europe) I was struck by the geometry all around!

Some interesting sites on Mathematics and architecture:

From Maths Careers, see Interesting Buildings Based on Mathematics and from Tripbase, 9 Most Mathematically Interesting Buildings in the World.

The Tripbase article includes the cathedral in Barcelona Designed by Antoni Gaudi. 

Barcelona - Cathedral
Barcelona – Cathedral – photo by David Young

For some further reading Plus Magazine has an article on Perfect buildings: the maths of modern architecture by Marianne Freiberger.

WolframAlpha can be used for information on buildings. Note the different types of queries possible – simply type in the name of a building for information, for example, see Eiffel Tower or enter two buildings for a comparison. It is also possible to look up properties of buildingsdid you know that the Empire State Building has 102 floors?!

A great resource on TES for when we get back to school is Laura Wilson’s Plans and Elevations, a PowerPoint of images showing the plans and elevations of some famous buildings.

Holiday Pictures

All photographs by David Young, taken in the attic space of the Casa Milà Barcelona a building designed by Antoni Gaudí, constructed between 1906 and 1910.

cosh x Desmos image

Imaginary Exhibition


I do like to keep my eye open for mathematical pictures (Tetrahedral Numbers on Mathisfun), hence:

Neuwied Schloss cannons Photograph by David Young
Neuwied Schloss Cannons –  Photograph by David Young

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