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From the Association of Teachers of Mathematics, comes a wonderful range of resources.
15000 Thank YouPublications include activities for students of all ages. As a thank you for reaching 15000+ Twitter followers ATM have created a FREE open access 43-page resource document. This offers a brilliant collection of ideas and activities.

Looking at the contents we see ideas for the youngest students through to Advanced Level students.

ATM aims to develop a creative and thinking approach in mathematics learners which is evident from its publications. Many free Open Resources are provided on ATM’s website and all publications can be found in the shop.

ATM Thank You Contents

I do like explorations with Geoboards, so headed for Pentagon Areas by Geoff Faux (page 9).

Pentagon Areas

Pentagon Areas – Geoff Faux

I can stay with square dot grids and try Overlaps from Preparing for GCSE Problem Solving.

I do like ATM publications and have successfully tried many of the ideas in the classroom over a long teaching career. I used Points of Departure in the 80s and I’m still using it today!

Do explore this collection and also the Open Resources. For many more problems to explore, try Question of the Week for example.

For some discussion on two problems from Eight Days a Week, have a look at this Twitter chat. (#beingmathematical)

We have much to explore! Thank you ATM!

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