End of term…

The end of term approaches, so time for the usual complete check and update for the End of Term Activities page.

I will, as usual, be using this great Summer Relay from Chris Smith; students can have a more informal lesson but still do some useful maths! See the complete set Relays from Chris Smith. 

If your students have their own devices, don’t forget all the excellent free apps available. Note MEI’s Sumaze for example, or from Naoki Inaba we have Area Maze.

For many more ideas including pencil and paper games, see the updated End of term activities page.


Nrich – Sprouts

Area Maze

Area Maze

Perhaps try some of Clarissa Grandi’s wonderful, fully resourced mathematical Art lessons.

Artful Maths

Clarissa Grandi – Artful Maths

For more end of term activities, see the End of Term Activities page.




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