Advanced Level Mathematics

The new UK A Level Mathematics specifications require students to demonstrate overarching knowledge and skills specified as follows:

Overarching Themes:

  • OT1 Mathematical argument, language and proof
  • OT2 Mathematical problem solving
  • OT3 Mathematical modelling

Also required, we have the use of technology and the use of data in statistics.
These links are for pages in the A Level Reform series where information and resources are added and updated regularly. There have been several updates recently and this will be an ongoing project. I am very much looking forward to teaching the new specifications in both Mathematics and Further Mathematics.
A Level Reform Index

Note that all A level specifications are accredited and for Further Maths most specifications are now accredited.

MEI Postcards

MEI’s pstcards illustrate these principles very clearly. Note that solutions are also provided for each postcard with further suggestions. The Large Data Set postcard for example links to the data used. Looking at the Technology and Modelling postcards, we can of course use Technology! I thought I’d have a play with Desmos!
MEI postcard technology

I also had a look at the Modelling problem on Desmos.