A Level Reform and Resources

As more news and documentation has become available for new specifications I have reorganized the A Level Reform series of pages.


Further Maths Supposrt Programme Summary of Changes

With any change of specification I have always found any documents on summaries of the changes and also mapping documents very useful indeed. Clearly much of the content is still on the new specifications and resources we already have can be used again.

Underground Mathematics
With a greater emphasis on modelling and problem solving in both AS and A Level specifications resources such as Underground Maths with its aim of “Enabling all students to explore the connections that underpin mathematics” will be very valuable. This page highlights useful resources.

The Specifications and Support page includes links to the specifications for all the examination boards, including specimen materials. Other supporting documentation and news updates including accredited specifications can be found on this page.

There is also a separate Edexcel page; I recommend signing up to the Mathematics Emporium. I suspect some of those old A Level papers might come in handy!

This is an ongoing project; pages will be regularly updated and new pages added.