Mathematical Miscellany #8

Tidy UpIt’s Half Term this week and a time I always find useful for a tidy up!
Checked and updated posts include:


Happy Birthday Nrich! To celebrate Nrich’s 20th Birthday they have been digging in the archives and freshening up some old problems. This is still one of the best websites around and one I have been using for a long time! See also their Hidden Treasures. and the Teacher Birthday Feature.

The Maths Careers site is managed and maintained by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. If your students wonder where Mathematics is used they will find plenty of answers here. See for example Who employs mathematicians?  We even have 9 Maths skills you need to win the Great British Bake Off!

Note the Poster Competition closing in January 2017 for UK students age 11 to 18. The entries will be judges in three categories Years 7 and 8, Years 9, 10 and 11 and Years 12 and 13.

celebration-of-mindFor some brilliant Puzzles and Games resources – see celebration of mind and more resources here.

Find out more about Celebration of Mind.

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